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Material Development

Smarterials Material and development program is designed to bring new and improved materials and processes that can help make a difference, whether it’s helping the environment, by finding better materials that do not pollute the planet, or improving designs and manufacturing techniques, Aston can help.

/media/what_we_do/library/aimr-logo.jpgAt Aston Institute of Material Research (AIMR) we work with many leading global companies helping to shape the products and materials of the future. The Smarterials program is now bringing  this expertise to the reach of SMEs.

The knowledge base within the Institute is broad with experts in Polymers and ceramics to mechanical engineers and 3D printing experts that can deliver a complete package of materials research to a company. We have 14 academics leading the program backed by a team of over 250 other academics and technicians.

/media/what_we_do/library/enginnering-labs-aston---29.1.19-4724.jpgMaterials research requires a lot more than testing though. AIMR offers the capability to understand, design and engineer the structure of a material at the atomic and micron scale by correlating with the material's mechanical and functional properties, as well as chemical composition. Leading to real breakthroughs.

AIMR Labs and research areas are used to develop new techniques and operations to convert a material from a concept to reality. From Nano technology in the Biomedical world to materials that can be used to absorb pollutants from the air. All the way up to materials used in construction projects, the Labs can accommodate testing for all.

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