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The Smarterials Aston Business Clinic

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ABC provides you with opportunity to increase your knowledge, and skills by working and learning how remote teams work while working on a real problem.  Your business chooses the problem and some of the team members Aston then provides academics and researchers to join the team to add research skills and help to provide potential solutions.

What do you get out of it?

Engaging in Smarterials ABC project will get your company training and coaching to support your business throughout the programme, training will include:

  • The purpose and place of teams, how to make the most of virtual teams, how to develop high performing teams using real time business problems

  • Where is the 'I' in TEAM?  The impact of individuals on team performance.

  • Pitching to perfection, using engaging approaches to showcasing ideas. 

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All of this is part of the Smarterials ERDF program “Promoting Functional Materials in SMEs”, which is to help small to medium sized companies develop and grow their business through a partnership built on research, testing and expertise in material science.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in engaging with Smarterials ABC,

Please contact



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