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Smarterials Helps Ecomotive Launch Covid Cleaning Range

Aston's Smarterials project has helped “Ecomotive” create and launch the HygienePRO range of alcohol free sanitising solutions for both skin and hard surfaces. The range kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus, and formulated to provide the highest possible levels of sanitation but without the concerns of their alcohol based counterparts.

/media/news/library/hygienepro.jpgIndependent testing shows HygienePRO sanitisers kill 99.9999% of bacteria without the need for harsh chemical, irritants and potentially hazardous alcohol content. With complete destruction in under 30 seconds, even the most potent of bacteria like MRSA, E Coli and Norovirus are no match for the cutting edge HygienePRO formulation.



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