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Aston University 's "Smarterials" ERDF Program Signs Long-term Research Agreement

McCamley Power Limited have now signed up for a long-term research agreement with Aston University’s ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) “Smarterials” program. Signing took place at Aston after a meeting that covered the findings of the initial business assist from the ERDF project.

The initial business assist was to look at McCamley Power’s hybrid vertical axis wind turbine and look for materials that could extend the environments that the wind turbine could be located in such as very hot and cold areas of the world.  What came out of this initial research was to use “Photocatalytic Coatings” that react with light to degrade air pollutants, making the turbine that already works in unstable air conditions ideal for urban environments, where the tops of buildings in cities have both in abundance.


Professor Paul Topham (on the right) said “This is a very exciting project for Aston as it shows just how functional materials can be used to make a known green energy technology even greener”.  He went on to say “Aston is now working hard to put one of the McCamley wind turbines on campus to generate green electricity, whilst pursuing cutting edge research using other functional materials”

Philip Mayer of McCamley Power (on the left) said “It’s great working with Aston. They have such a wealth of knowledge in the ‘Smarterials’ team” and “As a business we are looking forward to continuing the long term collaboration with Aston as they assist us in developing solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change at home and overseas”.

Aston University is proud to be working with companies like McCamley Power who are keen to embrace material technology to make the world a better place.

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