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Aston Spices up its Material Research

As part of Aston Universities ERDF program “Smarterials” we are always looking for companies that want to find new ways to use functional materials, but when and Ex IT Sales Recruitment Director Harris Qais asked for help the material was red and spicy.

/media/news/library/kingofsaffron.jpgThe team at Aston were intrigued when Harris Qais presented the team with the spice saffron and explained his vision of using saffron not just as spice in food but to look at the medical benefits of saffron.  From this point, the ERDF academic team at Aston were in and the research started.

The research done under the Smarterials program firstly looked at research from around the world that had already carried out, and then to look at potential opportunities for further long-term research that could be undertaken to find new ways to bring out the functional properties of saffron.  This initial research also led to various batches of saffron being tested to access the quality, and to break it down into its constituent parts.  This was carried out to look at potentially which parts of saffron could be used in medical applications.  This testing concluded that not only was the quality of the Saffron the highest you can get as laid out by the ISO standards, but also that Saffron is made up of lots of components that can be used in medical applications.

Aston’s research has concluded that there is indeed scope for further research into the medical benefits of saffron especially in the areas of wound dressing and Neurodegenerative diseases.  “Aston are keen to continue this work with Harris, as its always great to find an entrepreneur that is willing to look past the obvious first sale and to break into new markets” said the business Development Manager Paul Gretton.  Therefore, the work goes on under the ERDF program Smarterials.

It is true that Harris Qais is a driven entrepreneur but his story goes deeper with his vision to help the country of his birth Afghanistan by building this trade in saffron so helping remove the poppy fields that are currently there, if you would like to find out more read, “It began with a chance meeting…”

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