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    Intelligent materials for industry

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    Modelling materials from molecular level

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Developing functional materials to support small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs)

Developing functional materialsAston University Smarterials program “Promoting Functional Materials in SMEs”, is here to help small to medium sized companies develop and grow their business through a partnership built on research, testing and expertise in material science.

The program gives SMEs access to some of the leading academic minds in materials and other disciplines (see below) plus the use of state of the art labs for testing , all of which are vital to develop new and improve existing products. (Currently All Labs Are Closed Due to COVID-19 for Further Updates Click Here )

Chemists and Biochemists
Chemical Engineers
Material Scientists
Mathematical modellers
Mechanical engineers
Process and formulation engineers

Alongside this Aston can offer design and prototype help with these projects by using the 3d printers and expertise on site.

All of this is made possible due to European Regional Development Funding that is there for SMEs who are entitled to, can claim, and covers a wide range of industry sectors.

Please get in touch to see how we can support you

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